1. Cinderella

From the recording Cinderella

(Wrote this song thinking about my mom, my life, and my daughters...I won the Kerrville New Folk Competition with this song.)  


When your mother’s Cinderella it’s really hard to tell her
That her rose-colored slippers are only meant to fit her
Cause your prince is just a man that flies around like Peter Pan
And it’s hard to watch him blindly chasing after Wendy
And you feel more like Rapunzel in the tower of the castle
With your broken hearted background it’s hard to let your hair down
But you can’t tell your children there’s no one to believe in
Or you’ll never look for laughter in the happy ever after
Or maybe that’s a crock made up by Disney, Seuss and Spock
To keep you buying books and movie tickets, popcorn and white paint for pickets
Why’s it so hard to say beauty’s never absent pain
All roses come with thorns but you still line up to scorn
When grief is spilled on someone’s table you’ll ignore it if you’re able
Thumb your nose at dying just to hide identifying
But in the middle of the night you read the fairy tales and cry
Cause you’re scared you’ll never get it and you’re too proud to admit it
You’ve patched your heart a thousand times with every twist in the story line
You’d think you could predict it but it’s always unexpected
And you’re tired of the fight but you don’t want to be Snow White
Staring at your own reflection just waiting for your prince to come
You kiss your kids and pray that you’ll be strong enough one day to say
Why the princess walked away that love is only for the brave
And you wish that you could tell ‘em when their mom is Cinderella
That her rose-colored slippers are only meant to fit her
La la la la la la la…