1. seventh grade

From The Recordings Html

(having a daughter starting junior high made me think a lot about my own adolescence and what i'd like to tell her about it, and what i would go back and change if i could...)


If I went back to seventh grade 
Before all my mistakes were made
To soccer games and innocence
And Jimmy Carter was the president
Dingo boots and Wolfman Jack
Bonne Bell and Gunne Sax
And love notes that I never sent
To my track coach cause running was romantic
If I went back to jr high
Before my secrets made me cry
To Happy Days, Laverne & Shirley
When all the boys were way too squirrely
And the book I found up on mama's shelf
Upside down so I stole it for myself and read it
Locked behind the bathroom door
Everything I ever wanted to know about sex and more
If I went back I wouldn't be so afraid
To ask my mom about mistakes she made
Hungry for her history
When she was just a girl like me
I'd ask her did she go too far
In the backseat of her boyfriends's car
I'd ask her did she ache for love
Inside disguises she wasn't proud of
Ask her did she take the blame
Ask her did she feel the shame
Ask her did she learned to stand
Outside the shadow of a man
Ask her things i hope to say
Before my daughters walk away
Before my prayers have all been prayed
Before they hit the halls of seventh grade