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hey cary you might not remember me but i was a former student of yours at Franklin. i really miss you and i miss singing "in my wildest dreams" with all of you and the class. Miss you and everyone else there - linda

Great stuff. You are very accomplished. And no I'm not stalking you. Just wanted to leave message on website.

hey miss cooper its zackary i really do miss you. thank you for everything you have done for me. you have tolt me alot of differnt things. i am doing great i have got my life togeter. im still writting alot of songs. but i wanted you to know i love you miss cooper u mean alot to me thank you for being there for me

Hi Cary, Don Talley here......co-manager of White Horse Black Mountain in downtown Black Mountain NC. Would love to explore opportunities for getting you on the White Horse stage. Brainstorms: - A show of your own - A Songwriter In The Round Series hosted/curated by you -A monthly series bringing in songwriters from around the country - White Horse Black Mountain hopes to be livestreaming concerts within the next couple of months. That opens up all sorts of possibilities. Let's talk. -----don

Hi, I am interested in booking Cary for a house party next July 7, 8, or 9 (2016). We will be at a cabin in Boone but I don't know where you'll be? Please let me know when you know. Thanks?

i love your music i am one of your students :)

Hi, Cary! I am a friend of John Millsaps, who told me to that you would be willing to share some of your time to discuss music and touring. I had a chance to check out your website and have been inspired by everything you have done with music and how you have used you talents to share with the world. RWRS is incredible and I hope to participate in an upcoming season! I live just outside of Salt Lake City, UT and will be planning a tour to the East and back, between mid June and the end of July this year. I just released my first EP and this is my first time booking a tour so I am definitely in the learners seat and cruising full speed ahead. It has been an amazing learning experience so far! I have lived in Pittsburgh, PA and Charlotte, NC which are the only solid places I know that I can book gigs but I would love to make other stops along my route. I did plan on swinging through Asheville and Nashville on my way back West. I have never been to Nashville but expect to be on mental and music overload while I am there. I'm very excited! So, I do not know if phone or email is your preferred contact method but whatever works for you, works for me. I look forward to connecting with you and continuing to follow your career! You are very talented! - Elizabeth (724)612-4600

a friend shared "pulls me under" with me the other day. It is a very beautiful song and the video is haunting. A couple of people have told me that the person in the video resembles my daughter who passed away on the same day the song was published (she was hit by a drunk driver). I just wanted you to know that your music is beautiful.

Cary, I heard your song "I Believe" on Mike Flynn's radio show while driving through Indianapolis last night. Loved it and would like to have a copy. Is it available for download?

Yellow is The Color for June, according to Charming Charlie. And they're never wrong. :D You're looking fabulous. ~Danette

Hi Cary- We are really looking forward to your concert @AUER-House in October. Just wondering if you could send me a copy of your latest CDs so that we can start familiarizing people with your music. Thanks. George & Monica Auerbach, 41 German Mills Road, Thornhill, Ontario L3T 4H4

Hi Cary- We are really looking forward to your concert @AUERHouse in Toronto in October. Just wondering if you could send me copies of your last CDs so that I can be playing them dor people to drum up support for your appearance. Thanks, George Auerbach

Love ur music ! NICE voice

Your website said to say hello, so I am. HELLO !

Cary, welcome to Asheville. If you need just a friend, I would be honored to take you to dinner at a place of your choosing. I have a Facebook page John Hirsch. Kanasa City / Asheville /. Cocoa. Thank you John

Hi Cary-Teresa from Maryland again. Just a quick note to let you know how much I love the new songs you've been writing lately. RWRS Week 12 "Cold" is incredible. Love, love, love it! Even though it seems to come from a sad place, it's amazing. Keep the faith and keep writing! Peace and Music, Teresa

Hope you are doing well I have then trying to buy your new CD Zuzu petals. Where can I send you a check my stupid internet acting up? I really like your music and am so glad I met you. I am still running. Sorry about your situation. You will be fine and so will tom. I just wanted to write a more personal note to you because I think about you quite a bit. someday Ill get to see you again you're doing well. Stay in touch. Snapchat is jcjrunner if u do that

Hi Cary-It's been a long time; my husband Tom & I last saw you and TPR playing at an outdoor festival in Havre de Grace, Maryland a few years back when your girls were both still young. I just wanted to tell you that I absolutely love your recent song "Found"; I think this is one of your best yet. It really speaks to me! TPR has our contact info. as we are trying to connect this spring to record some of my songs as I finally attempt to move forward with my own songwriting. I have followed his career since Kerrville in '93 as well as The Dreamsicles and your solo career. Sorry to hear you have parted ways but I pray that all will work out for both of you in time. Hope our paths will cross again someday soon. All the best to you, Cary! Peace and Music,Teresa

Hi Cary, thank you and Tom for braving NJ snow to do Coffee With Conscience in Westfield last night! great show! Thank you for helping the Community FoodBank of NJ. have been listening to ZuZu's Petals all day. Little Things is beautiful and I tear up every time I hear it. Thank you for reminding us little things are important. Peace!

Hi Cary, we met at a house concert held by Bob & Leslie Tower a few years ago (you & Tom). I love your CDs! and just found out about your new one. I'm looking forward to hearing it :-). Anyway, I'm involved with The Preston Community Art Center and was wondering if you ever tour through northern WV and if you might be interested in playing here. We host the Laurel Mountain Coffee House Series which has been going on for 10 years or so. This season is booked but next year is still partially open. It happens the 2nd Saturday of the month. Sept - April.... Think of it as a large house concert. We have a facebook page if you are interested in checking us out. Jonathan Byrd just played here in December. ~ Gail

Cary: I'd love to have your music sent along my way before I leave for my three state book tour and many hours in a car which I plan on spending with you! Post Office Box 909, Freeland, WA 98249 will get them to me.

email me I would like to pitch several of your songs to a TV Show. Email me asap. Thanks, Shelene Keith www.Indiemuicforfilm.com

Hi Cary, We've not met, but I know some of your music thru Tom (who I met briefly back in 2006). I'm a singer/songwriter based in Seattle - I sent my latest album to Tom a year or so ago thru Lynn Adler, who I song circled with here in Seattle two summers ago. I have the first (I think) Dreamsicles album and your Dirty Little Secret album as well, both of which I really enjoy. I've been looking forward to hearing your latest - that is, buying a copy - but alas. Is it not possible to buy a CD? When I went to CD Baby I saw there was no CD available for your last album as well. I know we all have to figure out the best way to release our music, but I hope you've not given up completely on the notion of manufactured CDs. An acquaintance of mine who does some indie marketing tells me that the number of people who download music hasn't increased in quite some time. FWIW, I am one of many who don't have any interest in downloading music - never have. To some that makes me a dinosaur, but I love to listen in my car, and to be able to see production info, etc. If there IS a way to buy a CD, I'd appreciate your letting me know. Thanks, and good luck with the new one. -Steve Wacker

I saw you do a little 3-song set at Camp Jam in the Pines (NJ) earlier this year. First seeing a woman playing ukulele caught my attention, then when I heard the phrase "don't need my wishes granted, I;m blooming where I;m planted" I became a fan. I bought Zuzu's Petals and I love it. The song that (for me) shines the brightest is Little Things. I've always said that anything that can make me laugh and cry within 5 minutes is a significant powerful piece of work. I'm a poet, and a fan and collector of much music, especially singer-songwriter stuff. I have to tell you that song is one of the sweetest jewels I've ever melted in encountering. It's a blessing that I've shared with many people. I so hope it is all true. Regardless, thank you so much. I wish you much success and happiness. Peace and Love, Anthony

Hi Cary Deborah R. forward your c_d to me.I have been listening to it all week. I love your songwriting. And can relate to your songs. Very inspirational.

Cary, Hello! It is wonderful to hear your musical expressions of our human condition, the bliss and the pain. You are a beloved and cherished gift..

Hi Cary, I'm hoping you moderate your comments, because this is really a personal message, not something to post publicly. I want to share something with you. I met you once, although I wouldn't expect that you remember, but your music touched me at the time very deeply, and I decided I should tell you the story. I met you briefly at the Sundance Film Festival in 2006. We were standing in line for tickets for a film and struck up a conversation about the festival. You were with Tom and you gave me a cd of your music--it was half your songs and half his. We both got tickets and returned to see the movie. On the way out of the movie, we bumped into each other and recognized that we had met in line earlier that day. We chatted briefly about the movie. What you didn't know, was that as I was walking out of that movie, right after we spoke, I received a phone call telling me that my husband had packed his things and left--telling our family who lived in Park City at the time, and who we were actually visiting for a family vacation, that he was flying home to file for divorce. That's a long story and I won't bore you with it, but needless to say, I listened to your CD later that night, and it turned out to be a source of constant comfort and inspiration to me over the next year. Especially the songs: Sure Don't Feel Like My Life, Cinderella, and Little Girl. In the next year, with transitions and moves, I somehow lost the CD that you had given me, but I never forgot how they had spoken to me and helped me during that time. Recently, I decided to search iTunes, and found your music. I downloaded those and a few others and am enjoying your music again. Now more as pure enjoyment and celebration of the fact that I have truly moved on. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you this story, and thank you for being an encouragement to me at a difficult time in my life. Marla

Cary, "Zuzu's petals" is a nice piece of work! Every song stands on its own, and they're all tied together with that sweet breathy voice of yours. Overall, the album (here's my rhyme) makes me feel young again; everything was better then. Congrats! Bill E.

Girl~ I love it! Never heard Charlie Brown sound so good!! I think I may need to have this collection on my iPod. :-) Love you.

Hi Cary Brian Cutean here. I'm putting together this year's collection of campground recordings from Kerrville and I found a song performed by you I'd like to use for this year's SongHarvest (an annual benefit disc for the Texas Music Foundation). Send me an email so I can send you the details. All best to you and your amazing family. bq

I'm so excited for you! I've listened to some of it and it sounds great. I look forward to the Uncle Calvin's event and glad I won't have to drive as far as the last time I saw you. Can you believe it's been almost a year??

I'm sooo happy for you, darling!! Can't wait to hear your concert at Uncle Calvin's as I am certain this is gonna your best and most tasty offering YET love ya!

Cary, I just listended to Charlie Brown kinda day and Wildest dreams.....brought tears to my eyes. I love it!!!! How talented you are! Congratulations on the new CD!

Hi, Cary! Or to follow the instructions, Hello, Cary! Great site, you're lookin' and soundin' wonderful. Come visit up north!! We miss you. There's a house concert here with your name on it.

love the website!

Cary - Having you and Tom with us at Mystic Note last night really made the evening for me! It was lovely to reconnect with you - can't wait for your new CD. Congratulations on manifesting the funds! See you at Solstice - Reagin

Ms. Cooper, your song I Believe has greatly blessed a grieving mother's broken heart. And I thank you. God's blessings to you ~ Marcy

Looking amazing my dear...An honor to be here with you :-)

Hi Carrie - Really enjoyed your house concert at Phil Henry's house in Rutland, VT last Sunday. Your ability to go from whitty & wimsical to deep and sorrowful was amazing - and you just wrtie great songs! Keep it up. - George www.georgesbackpocket.com

really excited to see you tonight at Uncle Bills. Have enjoyed watching you on the show and love your songs. Peace

We live in Boerne, can't wait for you to come back to Kerville, Luchenbach, LeFlores, Gurene or someplace close. We both ran away to the Circus when we were about 43 but we found each other and just celebrated our 20th anivercerary

Caught a glimps of you on Troubadour, TX passing by the TV, backed up listened to the interview and introduction of "Susanne". Picked up the iPad, went straight to iTunes and purchased. Played the download with my wife the next morning at breakfast. Didn't say anything about it, just watched her reaction.

hey sexy lady you lookin' fine

I appreciate your songs and want to keep informed of your next gig in the Washington, DC area/

very good show at Chad's Blind. Very unique viice and you are a story teller. Good song writer.

I just discovered your music. I'm in love with your lyrics. They make me smile, feel sad, laugh, think, wonder, wish, dream....and the list could go on and on. Your music awakes my spirit. Thank you Cary.

We are so excited to have you come play for us in our humble little town of Topeka, Kansas on your way to Chicago. Have a safe journey, we'll see you soon.

Looking forward to seeing you at Uncle Calvin's in March!

So very good to see your continued success with the singing. But you did make a great Snoopy in the school play. Try some "dog ears" sometime and do Supper Time! .... Oops, did I let that leak out?

I am a friend of Cary's brother Bo. I really enjoy your songs and knowing your family makes it that much more enjoyable. You have a wonderful family and make wonderful music. Keep it up.

Heard your music for the first time today! And I can't wait to hear more when your CD comes out the end of this month! Wish you would make an appearance in the Western Wisconsin/Minneapolis MN area!!

I really loved seeing y'all at Wine & Music ! Stay well and keep the light on !

Loved the show in Kerrville. First time that I have seen you and Tom together. It was fun reading your bio. I hope you have a long and rewarding career.

Thank You......for making me rethink that I'm too old to try again to have a real life. I hope you have a BLAST at Kerrville! (I work in Richardson, so do you perform at any of the local DFW venues?) Thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Cary, what an awesome page and path you are taking. I'm glad that your passion is being published. You have a talent and voice that inspires and uplifts. Thanks for sharing it. Namaste

Very impressive website, ton of information on it! Love the pictures, you're gorgeous. I'm a blonde who went red a little over a year ago and I love it!

your German fan<3 :)))

Great to see you doing well!

Love the new look!

Love your music! I'm a friend of Karen Weiss. (Artist's Way)

Just heard you in Addison, TX. You can tell your 10 year old that one of your new fans agree, you are a rock star! You are a blast! Great music will make you smile and lift your spirit, and your music does all that. Can't wait to bring my friends to hear you!

You have my e-mail now...

I am looking for "Yellow" - I didn't get a chance to buy it when you were here in Georgia many years ago! Any chance that you'll be re-issuing it? Or does anyone have a copy I could buy?

Just discovered you and like the music. I sing too in England, around the folk clubs. Look me up on You Tube. Im am not the one who cooks in the Austrailian outback.

Please add me to your website so I may be able to come and see you in Dallas. Love and peace Ava

Hi Cary, I love your songwriting and uke playing... I first heard you singing "River" on a Hudson-Harding sampler and these vids on your website are great. I'd better check-out your album now. How about touring up in Seattle? Cheers, Jonathan

Love your stuff---let me know when your performing in the Dallas area----

So nice to know you and your voice! Wish you the best in your life.

hey moooommmm

Hi Cary, so glad to get a brief introduction to your music via the "Radio Wayne" channel on Live365.com. Great site; happy writing!

i love suzanne!!! it is amazing! teh snow days were fun too!!! i hope you had as much fun as i did!

I LOVE what you get on a snowy day in Dallas.

hi im trying to purchase a cd or cassette of the luv songs for grown ups and i cant find it.. any help appreciated, thanks.

Thank y'all for a great show this afternoon in San Antonio at Celebration Circle.

Believe is a wonderful song!! I'm also a singer\songwriter...If You ever come to Utah, i'd like to see You preform!

Your version of I Believe stays in my head and is just beautiful- Thank you!

Cary, After putting up the Christmas tree on Sunday, I watched your video, "I Believe" with my three year old grandson Jacob. At the end of the video Jacob looked at me with his big brown eyes and said, "Grammie, I believe in Santa Claus". Thank you, Cary for that moment and for sharing your incredible lyrics with us. You are an amazing beautiful lady. Blessings - my friend!

Cary, I just watched your video, "I Believe." What a gift you share! Susie B was absolutely right about your artistry. I love the spirit you show in the lyrics and musicality of that song. It's official - I'm a fan!

I actually looked at my email- congrats on your CD - you sound wonderful and your pictures are beautiful- yall take care, give the girls a hug and Tom a kiss from me- i love you-marty

There are not words to express how beautiful that song is. I believe. Joan and RIchard

The perfect song for today, and everyday. thank you for being a songwriter.

Very sweeet.

wow your new song is a hit!!Grandslam homerun..very nice!!!excellent recording too!

Innocence, comfort, hope. Beautiful.

I Believe Came by to enjoy your newest song. I'm severely impressed with how it turned out. Holidays have never been a strong point in my life, or close family ties for that matter. But, when I listen to 'IBelieve' it makes me feel a need to make those contacts of family and friends. I am one of the 'hardened hearts'. Your song has begun to help mend some of my broken parts. In this light many millions more will sing this song, singing to express the faithful love they have for all. Singing their thanks for the joy that fills them as this song echoes through their homes and anyplace they happen to go. Thank you Cary ... this song creates miracles

I really enjoyed your new song and video "I Believe". Very touching - thank you for sharing.

You have a very nice site here Cary, its simple elegance and casual demeanor speak volumes about you. Warm and inviting where gems and joys abound with every click.

I stopped by. LOOKS great! Keep on going on girl. Love George Eliot.

Way to go Cary, bout time.... all the best to you and Tom, Peace, love and hugs, G

Hi Cary, I so enjoyed reading your blog. I took up guitar about 2 years ago as it was on my "bucket list". Having 2 brothers who have played for over 50 years made me feel like what makes me think I can do this. I lost my younger brother to cancer last February and it made me even more determined to continue my quest. I am a published writer so writing songs came naturally and with the help of the chords I could hear the melody. I attend the workshop at Riffs in Park City last week and my performance was less that great as far as the guitar play goes (I get so focused on getting it right that my mind and fingers go blank)...smile, I think you understand, and to make matters worse most of the other people present had been playing for over 30 years. Well, I sang my song from the heart. I even got up and danced with Cozy to feel the rhythm. I know I have it in me somewhere, I'll find it. I want so much to perform a song on stage with my guitar, it is crazy because I am one of those people who get butterflies when I simply have to introduce myself in a group. My Mother was a singer and sang everywhere and to anyone who asked, even Capella. She was my shining star. I am taking your workshop this coming Sunday and I sure hope you can help me. I haven't mentioned that I'm 69 years old, so I guess I learn slower than the youngsters, but I am committed and practice everyday for hours. I look forward to meeting you. Neets


It was great to get your newsletter again, Cary. And I am enjoying Dirty Little Secret! Sending you a bunch of good and positive thoughts filled with love!

Keep it up and push on thru .....love you

Hi Cary, Thanks for sending out the newsletter. It's good to hear what you are up to. The girls and I are totally envious of the children in your music class - what a great gig! Hoping to see you again soon... Sandi Araiza

I wanna be on your mailing list and get your newsletter. ♥

Does this get me on the mailing list?

Really enjoyed being introduced to you and Tom at the thousand oaks Library concert Sunday. What a treat! I left with a light heart and 4 new CD's. thanks for the great music.

Nice Website Cary.

Time___Tim∆٩ was here 9/23/2010

i love DLS by the way. it is so awesome.

HI! i miss having you guys as music teachers but thearter arts is fun to. say hi to Mr.Tom please.

Listening to your amazing songs that move me so very much! Sending love your way!

My mom in law gave me YELLOW and I loved it but it got all scratched up. My kids loved it too. I need another copy but don't know where to find them....HELP!!!

Watched and listened to you and Tom perform at CSL Dallas today. Thank you. It was such a gift! Like most Folk lovers, I am lyrically sensative and your songs were real and true and your voices were like a new-old favorite pair of jeans...could have worn the songs all day in total comfort..feeling so known, safe and loved. I grew up Mormon and practiced the religion for a long time before learning how to be free. Am meeting up with an old Mormon friend from way back ,soon, for coffee..and am a little nervous. I want her to be happy for me. Your song, "for the god whose name i use to know" helped me today..and i am going to have her listen to it. it is perfect and again...true. i am so glad i found your music. thank you for sharing it with the world. (and you guys look so beautiful together)


Hi cary, are you a country musician or rock. I aspire to be gospel singer. What would you say to me?

LOVE LOVE LOVE me some Cary and Tom!

Hey Cary, how are you doing. We went to Sanger School together. I hope things are going well for you.

Hi Cary - you've got some new fans in Charleston, WV! Of course, I've been a fan of yours and Tom's since your first visit here, but friends that hadn't had the privilege of hearing you guys were blown away at your recent concert at the Clay Center. I'll be working on Ron to get you guys back next year. Knock 'em dead, girl! BTW, love both yours and Tom's new CD's! Can't get the melodies out of my head!

I haven't heard good music like what you create, in a long time. It was pure joy to listen to the shorts you provided on your website. I am disabled and do not have access to a credit card, or I would be purchasing your latest cd (and past!) for sure, right now! I am going to show this website to a friend of mine, and try and make a way to get your music. Thank you for sharing in your talent, and I say a prayer for much good energy and blessings to you for your future and your vision Sincerely, Jody Singer

would love to have lunch with you sometime

Hi Cary, we met at Gallery 51 on Friday October 2nd. I really enjoyed your show. My favorite song was Pretty Girls, I just bought your CD " Dirty Little Secret" on itunes. I had a wonderful time at the show. You are truly talented, it was a pleasure to meet you. I am in the process of finding your email so I can email you a few songs, like I said, I just play around with a few chords, I think my stronger point is writing them, but I love it anyway. Again, wonderful show! Best of luck with everything.

love you music always :)

Hi, I saw you and your husband play at that barbeque joint in Rockville, MD, a couple months ago. I loved your songs and the stories you told to introduce them. Since then, I've become a part of the GOYA Girls and continue to be captivated by your wit, your writing, and your openness about the joys and challenges of life. Very refreshing to hear someone be that real and that honest--thank you. :)

OMGoodness! I heard Seventh Grade on the Village this morning. The only reason I know that wasn't me was because I can't sing.I think my Mom still has a copy of that book * ;) You should play in La Grange @ Lane's (The)Bugle Boy so I can hear more!

I am in aw with all this. I had no idea you could sing like this. I remember our fun days at TEXAS Tech. You, Felicia, Mitzi and I. We really had fun. I sure wish we could all get together and catch up. Keep me posted. I need to get some of you cd;s with an autograph of course. Keep me posted. I fly out Friday to Nebraska for a wedding. Hope all goes well at your contest.

Just added your site as a favorite -- I'll have to spend some more time listening and watching for VA on your gig list. Namaste sweet Cary.

Love your music Cary but I love our friendship even more.

Hi Cary (and Tom)! It's Bernadette (from Brett & Patty's Lake House). Just wanted to say hello and tell you how much I am enjoying the CD :) It's great. It was fun having the little music session with you and Tom singing, and then a littleIt was a pleasure meeting you both, and the girls. Hope you had a good trip back home. Take care, Bernadette Waugh

My wife and I saw you and Tom in Nashville @ the Bluebird. We loved the show. "Thinking about It" was superb. Our best to you and your family.

Very cool site Cuz. Sorry we missed you guys in Houston.

I was listening to public radio this morning and they played 'Have Faith in Me.' The lyrics and melody of that song stood so far above anything I have heard lately, that I was compelled to look up the playlist and find your website to learn to whom this beautiful music and amazing talent belonged.

Love the site Cary!! Gorgeous pics!

Hi Cary, this looks great! Proud and also a bit humble to see my review on your site. Thanks for sharing tour 'Dirty Little Secret' with me. Nice pics by the way! Best wishes, Martin

So incredible...you capture so much of the female experience and essence. Really am going to buy this thing in the morning. Love and Peace Stacy P.S. Did you know Ginny and I used to sneak out your poems and read them when we were little. We knew you were good a long, long time ago. Way before you ever did. Way to go girl! Way to go!

I love the new CD. Keep playing it over and over again. Initially the song that touched me most was "For the God Whose Name I Used to Know". I still really like that one but "Dirty Little Secret", "Forgive What I Find", and "Seventh Grade" are in my thoughts often. Thanks, Cary (and all the folks who worked with you!)

hey mom i am at best buy on one of the puters

Hi! Its olivia hannahs friend

hey mom am at school and having a good day at school

hey it is hannahs friend and and i am at school and wanted too say hi

Can't wait 2 see you Wednesday at White-rock!!!!!!!

cary!!!! what an amazing website! I love it. you are incredible. love you. xo s

The website looks awesome - great job!

Hi Cary, Just dropping in to check out the new home here and listening to your song clips which I adore. Blessings in all that you do and "may you gather up the colors of your life and weave them into rainbows for your heart". RP (aka Janet)

I think I already signed...not sure....it's hormones, honey. Anyway, send me as much news as you wish.

Hey Cary, Andrew and I are checking out your website! Andrew says "It's good."

Cary, The new site looks/sounds *really* great! Here's my e-mail for the mailing list to get all the necessary info. Ill continue to get all the juicy unnecessary info on Facebook :) BIg hugs to the whole Fam! Love, Tom

Such touching lyrics and entertaining melodies with visuals that put you “there”. I keep laying the CD over and over. Thanks for sharing your heart with us Cary. I will have faith in you.

A beautiful website, with beautiful songs from a beautiful girl. Jealousy and Awe Be Mine, Cary. I can't wait to have this album in my hands!

Great Website and the CD samples sound GREAT!! Looking forward to get the CD. I love the 60s brit pop feel of several of the songs. It sounds classic and fresh at the same time.

: ) liked it chickie. you're doing a great job.

You are rockness... love the new site and am so excited for you!!!!

Wonderful website. I love the pictures and the layout. I am looking forward to buying the CD...good luck!!

Awesome job, Cary! You are very talented! Follow your dreams!

You Rock, Sister! Thanks for gifting the world with you and your art! With Big Love, C

your show rox! i love u p.s. i like your sweet pic.

I am sitting here with lovely Hannah, and we are looking over your new site, she's a PRO! and Quite a good marketing person for you!!! :)

Cary - LOVE the new website! It's whimisical and beautiful - a perfect expression of you. Very much looking forward to Uncle Calvin's and your CD Debut! Take care - Lots of Love, Daphne

Awesome new site!!! You must be super thrilled!!! Can't wait to hear the new CD!

very nice ... all the best to you, darlin'

you. rock. 'nuf said.

Cary, I love all your music but after reading Mary Gauthier's heartfelt and moving review, I will be on pins and needles until I can get it into my iPod. Will you be on iTunes? I hope so! November is just too far away! Love ya, Trish

your new site is just LOVELY, cary! the pics of you are gorgeous- congrats on the new cd. can't wait to buy one next time i see you! :) now go sell the shit out of that thing at uncle calvin's on friday!!!

Awesome website Cary. I hope to be able to come to one of your concerts soon.

I like it- better then mine. Thanks so much for sharing with us. _o_ & <3

I loved it of course and thank you so much for thinking enough of me to share it! Love ya <3

cary, you already know i love this cd - it's a wonderful reflection of you! this new site is so lovely - also a reflection of you. fantastic job creating beauty out of your own center! xoxox much love, cynthi

I am so incredibly proud to call you my friend! You go honey. I think I have a new roll model.

Great site, looking forward to getting your CD - and hoping to see you in Virginia one day soon!

Cary-you are a joy in my life. As soon as your smiling photo popped up I immediately smiled back at ya!

Love your music. I've seen you twice in Shreveport and listen to your CDs often. Looking forward to getting the new one!

Cary, You are so talented. I can't wait to purchase one of your CD'S or better yet see you perform in person.

The site looks awesome Cary! I'm so happy to be working with you! See you at Uncle Cal's!

Wow! Nicely done!

awesome site! looking forward to hearing the new cd ;) -p

cary you're so very! :) what a beautiful site, what a beautiful sight.

Love your website! It really looks great! It's easy to navigate and the information is easy to read. Great photos! (I used to test websites from a functional standpoint in my former life as a quality assurance analyst). Very nicely done!! Your songs are simply awesome! Can't wait to purchase your CD!

incredibly lovely site... echoes of you!

I have listened to your new CD over and over in the car and have sent a check for TWO more! Your voice is beautiful and your lyrics are thought provoking, and yet, hauntingly familiar!

Love the new website. I'm waiting to get the new CD so that I can have it signed by the artist! :-) All my best to you and yours!

Lovely, as you are, Folk Goddess

So Beautiful! I love it all!

Love it all!

I came, i listened, I'm in love....

Nice site!

Love the site. Looking forward to hearing you and Tom at Calvin's Friday night.

Cary! The website is stunning, the clips are fabulous! Can't wait to hear the CD in it's entirety. See you in May!

BOOooooooooo who

mommy i am so glad that you made your NEW CD's keep on keeping on LOVE YA mommy

Cool new site!

mailing list


Zuzu's Petals