Jimmy Stewart

Cary Cooper
Cary Cooper


(This was the first song I wrote on the ukulele.  The chord progression came first.  In playing it over and over, I felt like I was bring drawn into an earlier simpler time.  The verse about Jimmy Stewart kind of fell out.  The rest fell out shortly after.  It was so fun to write, that I realized the uke was around to stay...)


It’s a wonder that I never tried to marry Jimmy Stewart

Just so he’d lasso me the moon

I’ve always been a little too romantic

Get my hopes up.  Get my heart broke way too soon


Life’s never quite as happy as they make it in the movies

Even though I wish it were that way

Don’t you ever wanna ride off in the sunset

A girl can dream. That’s all I’m trying to say


But then again there’s John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara

And the time he dragged her by the hair

She hollered like she didn’t like it

But I saw her smile love’s a complicated affair


Some days I really wanna be the girl that thinks she’s leaving

Just to hear the boy beg her to stay

Maureen O’Hara needed John Wayne to fight for her

I need you. That’s all I’m trying to say


It’s just that maybe loves the hardest thing we do.

 I still want you I still want you


Even if you pulled a Tony Curtis and dressed up like a woman

I’d be your Marilyn Monroe

Who knows maybe it would be hot

I doubt it but at least I’d enjoy the show


Like Marilyn and Tony things can get a little wacky 

And I wonder when we’ll ever be okay

Well it’s you and me to the end

I love you.  That’s all I’m trying to say