When one door closes, another door opens...

Some of the best business advice I ever got was "Go where the doors are opening."  It served me well in my days as a full time singer-songwriter.  Being grateful for the venues that wanted me to play, and not spending time feeling rejected or whining about the gigs I couldn't get.  Going through the world with gratitude only fuels more feelings of gratitude. 

So many opening doors these days.  I wrote a Facebook post Saturday night about playing an unexpected (and slightly dreaded gig).  I was tired and didn't feel prepared.  But the gig went great and the post I wrote about it led to two other gigs. Getting myself back out there feels good.  More doors to walk through...

Last Monday, I met with the architect that is helping draw the designs for my tiny house.  Today I went into my favorite salvage store to put some doors I saw last week on layaway.  When I got there, the doors were gone.  For a minute, I felt sad, but then I remembered two other doors that I saw.  Even though they weren't my original choice, I can already see why they're a better choice.  More light.  Saving valuable wall space for other things. Instead of having a double front door, I was able to purchase two identical doors to be the two exterior doors for the house.    For less money!  It seems symbolic that my first purchase would be doors.  When one door closes, another one opens...go where the doors are opening."  It seems even more symbolic that hanging right next to my new old doors was the word "grateful".  

I am.  


Patricia Ansley November 04, 2018 @09:54 pm
Grateful! How perfect is that? You exude an Attitude of Gratitude in life. I recognize it because that is my motto in life. I love how your path continues to unfold before you and starting with doors is a message from the Universe that your path is true. Yep!

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