I hope you're enjoying cruising around my new website!  I've had so much fun working on it for you!  I plan to use the "blog" section to share news, wax poetic and post things that don't fit anywhere else.  So check back often!  If you happen to be attending the Folk Alliance conference in Toronto next week, I'd love if you stopped by one of my showcases.   


Elena November 17, 2013 @07:38 am
These reminds me of Pilates. I am a fan of plaites because it engages your core so much. It's not something I could do on a daily basis (I would get bored), but I think it's a great workout to include at least once per week, which is what I used to do some years back one at-home plaites session a week. I think it was a 30 minute video, and my abs and lower back were always on fire!
Jim Baker February 14, 2013 @11:49 am
Will you take me along as a roady or something? You could pack me in an upright bass case or something. I'd pay the checked luggage fee. Have a great and prosperous trip!

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